The perfect time to eat Krono bars depends on the type of products.

Energy bars contain between 29 and 32 grams of carbohydrates, an essential energy source for exercise, therefore they are most effective when consumed 15 to 45 minutes before training.

The protein bars should be consumed after the exercise because the proteins they contain help muscle recovery and quickly replenish glycogen reserves.

The gels are perfect to be taken at any time. Consume them 15 minutes before your training and during the effort to bring up your energy level. They will also help to rebuild your glycogen reserves after the effort.

The gels can be consumed as is. You just have to tear off the packaging to enjoy their benefits.

They can also be diluted in water to make them easier to digest.

No matter how you prefer them, it is important to drink water when you consume energy gels to help their absorption and to make them effective more quickly.


All Krono Nutrition products are made with natural ingredients. Therefore, they do not contain processed sugars, unlike a large portion of the available snacks. The bars and gels are designed to provide all the essential nutrients for training, whether for adults or children.

However, it is recommended to avoid caffeinated products (Chocolate & Espresso energy bars, Maple & Coffe and Citrus energy gels).


All Krono Nutrition products are made with natural ingredients and are a great source of energy. They offer the nutriments pregnant or breastfeeding women need and provide them a boost of energy.

However, it is recommended to limit the consumption of the caffeinated products (Chocolate & Espresso energy bars, Maple & Coffee energy gels).

All of our recipes are naturally nut and peanut free. The factory where they are produced has a “peanut-free” policy, so no ingredients can be sourced from a supplier who stores peanuts on their premises.

The supply chain is therefore 100% peanut-free. However, the factory that manufactures our electrolyte powders also produces certain recipes that contain nuts, for other brands… Control measures are obviously put in place to limit the risk of cross-contamination: the nuts are stored away from our products, separate production lines are used, lines are cleaned between each production, etc.

So, even if the risks are extremely limited, we are obliged to indicate that our electrolyte powders may contain nuts on our packaging.