Brownie Protein Bars – Box of 12

Barre protéinée Brownie

Brownie Protein Bars – Box of 12


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Our Brownie protein bar combines a taste both soft and intense, while being rich in proteins for optimal muscle recovery. Savor each bite while feeling satiated for longer. Our Brownie, more than a snack, is your ultimate health ally.

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The brownie protein bar is an ally of your sports performance, thanks to the production of nitric acid which promotes the supply of oxygen to the muscle.

Made to be taken after an effort, with 12 grams of vegetable proteins, they will give your muscles all the resources they need to protect and recover.

Made to be taken after a physical activity or as a healthy snack

– Enhances muscle recovery and allows your body to replenish its glycogen reserves quickly;
– Provide the energy you need between meals;
– Satiating power thanks to its blend of rice and sunflower seed proteins;
– Made with date syrup, a 100% natural sugar rich in potassium.

Sugars (pear juice concentrate, date syrup), Protein blend (rice protein, pea protein), Whole grain oat flour, Unsweetened chocolate, Sunflower oil, Soluble tapioca fiber, Water, Cocoa powder (processed with alkali), Natural flavour.