Maple & Coffee Energy gels – Box of 24

Maple & Coffee Energy gels – Box of 24


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Discover our range of energy gels, designed to provide you with a quick source of carbohydrates and sodium during intense physical activity. These gels are ideally formulated to replenish your electrolyte reserves, allowing you to maintain your performance at its peak. Easy to consume, they are the ideal companion for your sporting activities.

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Maple & Coffee energy gel offers unique power and intensity on the palate with its 25 mg of caffein.

The energy gels are part of a healthy sports nutrition designed to help your performance.

They have a smooth texture and release energy gradually, so you can maintain an effort for longer periods, ideal for endurance sports.

They do not contain any of the major allergens recognized in Canada.


  • Take one pouch at the start of your physical activity and thereafter, one pouch every 30-45 minutes depending on the intensity of your effort and your energy needs.
  • It is recommended not to wait until you feel weak to consume it.
  • Perfect ally for training, it reduces muscular fatigue and eases recovery.
  • Protects muscles from dehydration and cramps.
  • After a workout, it helps restore carbohydrates reserves rapidly.
  • Rich in minerals, antioxidants and trace minerals.
  • Maple provides a considerable dose of carbohydrates that are easily metabolized into glucose during training, providing the energy necessary for performance and helping to increase resistance.
  • Coffee Caffeine increases muscle contraction strength by improving the solicitation of muscle fibers and also decreases the perception of effort for a real “boost” during training.

Sugars (maple syrup), Columbian coffee extract, Sea salt, Green coffee bean extract.